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Business is an Adventure

Whether you’re a digital nomad, startup founder, freedom-seeker or entrepreneur-in-a-hurry. The global network of passionate Business in Bare Feet entrepreneurs & mentors are here to help adventurous entrepreneurs conquer the world easier & faster.

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Mark Phillips

Founder, Mark Phillips was trained as a Chartered Accountant in Australia with KPMG before jumping into the tech industry to work for Apple, Microsoft and other top companies. As a serial entrepreneur & traveler he has launched 6 businesses and traveled to over 100 countries.


Jonathan Brake

Co-Founder, Jonathan Brake, has also started a number of businesses and coaches executives all around the world in his speciality of teamwork and communication. Based in North Carolina, USA this ex-pat Aussie is advising some of the biggest companies in North America


Linda McCall

A strong mind and sheer determination has taken this girl, Linda McCall from the Australian outback around the world many times. From New York to Timbuktu. From living in Hong Kong to working for the Saudi Royal Family. Its no wonder she's a NLP specialist mentor in startup mindset.

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